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FAQ - When and why should I get a valuation?

If you are selling a piece, gifting a piece, have inherited the piece and need to make claims, or for insurance purposes, you should get the piece valued with us,

so you have peace of mind and have an accurate valuation for use.

We are able to provide the only recognised art valuation of Rei Hamons art, as it is from the Hāmon whānau and based on our sales information

and knowledge of the art.

We will provide you with a legal Valuation document for your own personal use.

Each valuation is $25 NZD + gst/paypal fees and is to be paid in advance.

You will receive a digital copy for your own use from The Hamon Art family.

Please be patient with the time allowed for the completion of these valuations.

We will need the following information:

1. A Clear Photo of the front and the back of the piece and signatures

2. Some background information as to how it came into your possession

(ie: Purchase, gifted, found in bulk estate lot)

3. Whether you are selling it yourself or on behalf of someone else

and, if so, confirmation that you have their permission

4. Dimension in cm/mm, framed and unframed if relevant or possible.


Please email these details, in 1 email to -

We love to hear stories about the art,

- where it was found or where it is from -

or recollections of our Koro Papa Rei, 

so please add this in your email!

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