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Here are some of the most recent image license projects.

Please get in touch if you have an idea or a product collaboration.



Ashley & Co are an elegant and conscious Aotearoa based company, who have given our koro's work a beautiful tribute, executed with the retro grace that the artwork holds. Not only do these look beautiful on Japanese linen paper, but you also don't need to gift wrap these as the packaging is divine.


Featuring both 'Still Waters' and 'Maia', they were so easy to work alongside and we are stunned and charmed by the final products.
"This Christmas, we’re grateful to feature the artwork of Rei Hamon, CBE, in our seasonal collection, Treasures Found. His poem 'I speak to the trees' (Kōrero au ki ngā rākau), has also been included. Rei had a deep love of nature and a strong, spiritual connection to the forest and the mighty Kauri tree. These gifts need no wrapping. Just give, with love."


"Foraged finds of simple sprigs, rugged rocks, the tonality and complexity of bark - these are the treasures that featured in the work of Rei Hamon, CBE, as featured in our seasonal collection of essentials."


You can shop the range - here. 

Te Ao Marama EP_COVER.jpg


Earlier this year, we got a phone call asking us if we would be open to licensing one of our koros pictures to be the artwork for a new EP project. Huia worked with Ella and her manager over a few months to make sure the project would have the right tikanga and continue the legacy of our koro's art and his message. It was very important for us to know and understand why they wanted to add our koros artwork.


They let us know very early on that all the proceeds were to go to charities who were advocating for the rights of our fauna, manu (birds), ngangara (insects) and native ngahere (forest). We put forward 2 organisations that Papa contributed to - one being 'Forest and Bird' Aotearoa, who will receive half of the profits from this EP.


Papa Rei was of the generation who was stripped and denied thier native language - te reo Māori. He would laugh that when our nan told him off as he could undererstand te reo, but not reply in te reo (he thought this was hilarious). This always gave our nan Maia, a fluent speaker, in her quiet wisdom, the upper hand.

When we knew the EP would be in te reo Māori and also the Māori tangata (people) who have created the waiata (songs) with her, this was a bonus. Being that Papa was Māori (Ngāti Porou, Te Aitanga ā Māhaki) and played Hawaiian guitar with our nan on organ, it was really wonderful opportunity.


We tautoko (support) everyone speaking te reo Māori - mō te reo. We hope that this encourages people who are not yet on their journey, to start. This includes our own whānau, who were not brought up with te reo Māori and are all in the process of relearning through waiata and also online courses - mō te reo.


Our Papa Rei had the same kaupapa about the forest and te Māori as Ella (Lorde) explained to us and this was one of the reasons we allowed them to license part of the image of 'Serene'. The Vingette and colouriation of 'Serene' has created a new dynamic and our Papa was not shy of colour as he often voiced to us that he wished he had done more artwork in colour.


You can see the 'Te Ao Mārama' artwork here and pre-order a Vinyl copy.

Whakaronga (listen) to the Te Ao EP here and watch the videos here with different colouring of the artwork.




Sheryl of Wixii design emailed us about a print she had in her home called 'Lost Heritage' which she loved and inquired about doing a fabric print with it. We loved working with Wixii on this beautiful print on silk and appreciate their use of natural fibres and boutique small run style. Their elegant design aesthetic made it an easy fit for us and it was a joy to see our Koro's print 'Lost Heritage' in another medium and executed with aroha.


Their vignette use of 'Lost Heritage' was carefully designed, to uphold the mana of the entire artwork.

Details: The Hamon Print Top is crafted from pure knitted silk with a hand screen printed design based off an original artwork by Rei Hamon. The Hamon top features a crew neck, long sleeves and is fitted to form.


Available in deer/toi toi and seal/blue. Sanctioned by Hamon Art Family Archives, this collaboration with Wixii presents the 1971 artwork ‘Lost Heritage’ in a new light, while retaining the integrity of the entire image.


"Working alongside the Hamon family and our creatives in Nepal a contemporary view of the original artwork has been created in garment form. The Hamon top is a limited release offering in two colour ways. 100% Silk, designed in Aotearoa and made with love in Nepal. "


Ngā mihi to the Wixii team for a beautiful tribute to our koro.

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